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Saving Money on Your Holiday Commute

Travelling to the airport often seems like the least important aspect of any holiday booking. Once the flights and hotel have been booked and your bags and body are both insured, the trip to the airport seems very insignificant.

One thing we can all be sure of is that there will always be car parking spaces available and that trains and buses will always be running. Even those needing to arrive in the early hours will have access to bus journeys from dedicated national services.


However, whilst this may all seem easy to organise, the cost of London airport transfers can be surprisingly high if you leave it until the last minute and suddenly your holiday spending money budget can drop dramatically.


Airport taxi driver meeting passengers T4

The view of that te driver gets when he pick you up from the airport

There are many ways to save on your holiday commute however, and the easiest of these is simply booking in advance. Whether you choose a train or bus, prices are likely to be a lot cheaper if you book as early as possible.


On top of this, it is also worth considering using an airport taxi. If there is more than one of you travelling, with an airport taxi, the cost of the transfer can be split amongst all those travelling as opposed to each person having to pay separate fares for the alternative options. Again, booking in advance is likely to save you even more.


The other bonus of using a taxi for airport transfers is the ease. With other options, carrying bags and changing modes of transport can be very frustrating and very tiring. For those who want to start and end their holiday in the relaxing way they intend to spend their holiday, a taxi can often end up both the quickest and easiest option and, somewhat surprisingly, it can even be the cheapest option too.

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